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installing a Spanish tile roof will last for several decades

  • When the weather is hot and humid in Florida, it is not uncommon for cooling costs to account for more than half of your total electricity bill during the hot summer months. A reflective coating is applied to metal tiles in order to reflect solar radiant heat and keep the interior of the building cool. Given that less energy is entering your home, you will use less energy to cool it, which will result in a significant reduction in your electricity bills immediately following the installation of the system, as explained above.

    Re-roofing necessitates a significant financial and material outlay, not only in terms of labor but also in terms of construction materials. Asphalt shingle roofing products, when improperly disposed of, result in the generation of approximately 20 billion pounds of trash each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The fact that asphalt can be recycled is not in dispute.

    Panels of metal tile, which are sometimes made from recycled materials, are covered by warranties that can last up to 50 years and can be installed in any environment, including the outdoors. Because of this, it is possible to go through two or more full asphalt tile roofs in the same amount of time as it would take to install a single metal tile roof if you only invest in one metal tile roof. Additionally, the metal is completely recyclable, which is a welcome bonus. The process of identifying facilities that will accept them is simplified as a result of the fact that it is both profitable and easily recycled, making it a more straightforward endeavor.

    Metal tile roofing is more expensive up front, but in the long run, it is a worthwhile long-term investment in the value of your home because of its durability. As previously stated, a metal spanish roof tiles with a 50-year warranty has the potential to outlast two shingle roofing systems over the course of the roof's service life span, if properly maintained. As an added bonus, it increases the resale value of your residence or business establishment. According to some estimates, the value of a home can be reduced by as much as 6% as a result of a fire. Essentially, this means that if you sell your home quickly, you could recoup up to 85% of your costs. Although you should have Sunflo come out and perform a free full inspection on your home once a year or after any significant weather event, metal tile roofing requires very little maintenance over the course of its lifetime.

    Despite the fact that it appears to be a complicated task, repairing your metal spanish roof tiles is much simpler than you might have imagined. Damage to smaller areas of the body, such as those caused by debris or hail, is so simple to repair that you can purchase a kit and complete the job in your own home. There is no need to be concerned because you are covered by a 50-year warranty, and Sunflo will be happy to handle any repairs or replacements that may be required.

    Storms in Florida are a source of concern for residents throughout the state of Florida. Metal tile roofs provide superior protection against storm damage over other types of roofs, such as shingles or clay roofs. Roofs made of either clay or asphalt are not susceptible to being struck by lightning, and a metal tile roof is not susceptible to being struck by lightning. A lightning bolt or a spark from an electrical line striking the roof will not cause it to catch fire, and the roof will remain completely intact because of the virtually indestructible nature of the metal tiles.

    Even during hurricane season, which is common in the United States, a metal tile roof will keep you and your family safe from some of the most powerful winds that can blow through your home and cause damage. The vast majority of products are designed to withstand winds of at least 140 miles per hour! It has been reported that some versions of the game can record wind speeds of up to 180mph if they are properly supported.

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    5. Roofs made of metal have been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years, with origins in Sri Lanka and Egypt dating back to the 3rd century B

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    7. Despite the fact that metal roofing, which is typically made of lead or copper, first became popular in Europe in the seventeenth century, it was not until the early nineteenth century that it made its way to the United States, where it has remained ever since

    8. The list of acceptable metal roof materials has grown over time, with metal roof materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, and zinc being added as technology progressed

    9. Metal roofing is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials available for use on residential and commercial buildings, as well as architectural and structural structures, and there are many different types of  styles in use across the country

    10. Metal roofing is also one of the most cost-effective materials available for use on architectural and structural structures


    Depending on the material, metal roofs can last for decades, and the majority of Galvalume and aluminum roof products, according to the majority of manufacturers, have a guaranteed life span of 40 years or more. This is particularly true if the system has been installed correctly and has been properly maintained over the course of time. Metals such as copper and zinc, on the other hand, have been known to last for hundreds of years or even longer under certain circumstances. Copper and zinc are just a couple of examples of the types of materials that fall into this category.

    It is significantly lighter than most other roofing materials and is five times lighter than a clay Spanish tile roof, making it an excellent choice for areas subjected to strong winds. When measured in pounds per square foot, a 24-gauge Galvalume (steel) roof weighs between 1 and 1.5 pounds, depending on the thickness of the material. Instead of using steel or concrete, an aluminum roof with a thickness of.032 inches weighs less than.5 pounds per square foot when made entirely of aluminum or aluminum alloy.

    Strength and durability of metal outperform the strength and durability of other materials by a significant margin. If you compare metal to other materials such as wood, clay, plastic, or glass, metal is the most durable and least prone to puncturing, breaking apart, and degrading over time.